2014 IEEE Conference – “Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century”


Welcoming Remarks – Arthur Winston, Former President, IEEE
Welcoming Remarks – Peter Staecker, Current President, IEEE
Welcoming Remarks – Greg Adamson, President, SSIT
Welcoming Remarks – Vladik Kreinovich
Welcoming Remarks – Luis-Felipe Arizmendi

KEYNOTE ADDRESSES (in order of presentation)

“The Next Macy Conference: A New Synthesis” – Andrew Pickering
“Embodying the work of Norbert Wiener” – Mary Catherine Bateson
“Wiener and the Engineers” – David Mindell
“Yellow Peril, Z-Mouse and Spray Can” – Rudolf Seising
“Reintroducing Wiener: Channeling Norbert in the 21st Century” – Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman
“Ubiquitous Surveillance and Security” – Bruce Schneier

SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS (in order of presentation)

“Ethical Reasoning in a Cybernetic World” – Lawrence Richards
“Wiener’s Colleague Dr. Amar Bose 1929-2013” – Ken Jacob
“Memories of Norbert Wiener” –  Moderator — Deborah G. Douglas, PhD

“Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century: The Long Historical View”
Moderator Introduction – Michael N. Geselowitz, Ph.D
Panelist – Ronald Kline
Panelist – Benjamin Peters

“CPSR’S Norbert Wiener Award: A Fitting Legacy for the First Cyber-Activist” – Daniel Borenstein
“Norbert Wiener and the Counter-tradition to the Dream of Mastery” – Doug Hill


“Cybernetics, Art and Creativity”
“Cybernetics, Art and Creativity” – Andrew Pickering
“Cybernetics, Art and Creativity” – Peter Cariani
“Cybernetics, Art and Creativity” – Paul Pangaro
“Cybernetics, Art and Creativity” – Question and Answer Session

“How We Communicate”
“Reading Wiener in Rio” – Felipe Pait
“Self-Organization in Football Teams” – Mark Evans

“Health, Data, and People”
Moderator — Luis-Felipe Arizmendi
“Water, Energy, and Food Security” – Phillip Hall
“Human Health in Market Systems” – Hari Devarapalli
“Welfare organization Self-sufficiency” – Supriya Kummamuru
“Health, Data, and People” – Question and Answer Session

“Norbert Wiener and Systems and Society”
“Securing the Exocortex” – Tamara Bonaci
“Personalized and Pervasive Healthcare” – Rajeev Kanth

“Wiener on Innovation”
Moderator Introduction
– Greg Adamson
Panelist – Frank Levy
Panelist – John Sullivan
Panelist – Ted Postol
“Wiener on Innovation” – Question and Answer Session

“The Good, The Bad, and the Often Hilarious” – Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman