“Health, Data, and People” – Moderator — Luis-Felipe Arizmendi

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“Health, Data, and People” – Moderator — Luis-Felipe Arizmendi

Luis-Felipe Arizmendi:

I want to share in a brief minute two quotes that I found from Norbert Wiener that are very related to what we are going to hear this morning. First is, “Progress impels us not only new possibilities for the future, but new restrictions.” There’s another one quite interesting. “Let us remember that the automatic machine,” what we call now robots, “is a precise economic equivalent to slave labor. Any labor which competes with slave labor must accept the economic consequences of slave labor.”

I was reading that now the number one country in the world that is buying, acquiring, and putting in production robots is China. Recently was broken the record on acquisition of new robotic equipment and it’s interesting because we sometimes qualify China in a different type of nature of labor relationships. The final thing that I wanted to talk and just to stop myself is that heat on may was the warmest ever, 1.3 Fahrenheit degrees above normal the average temperature on the whole 20th century so looks like it’s happened.

With any more words on my side, on my part, I will present your Mr. Phillip Hall.